Unit 2 Attributions and References

Media Attributions


BC Ministry of Transportation. (2021). Highway 7 – Assessing damage at Ruby Creek [digital image]. Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/tranbc/51684852986/

Video: Elliot Creek Slope Failure

Photos and maps courtesy of 49North Helicopters, https://49northhelicopters.com

Video: Homalco Fishery

Pyne, K., Callegari, G., & Blanchflower K. (2021, May 31). Understanding the aftermath of the Bute Inlet landslide [Video]. Hakai Institute. https://hakai.org/understanding-the-aftermath-of-the-bute-inlet-landslide/ [excerpts from video used with permission from Darren and Eric Blaney]


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