Unit 5: Geological Issues in Waste Disposal and Geological Implications of Climate Change

Environmental Geology is divided into 5 units and each unit is based on some of the chapters in the open textbook “Environmental Geology”. For those of you taking the course for credit, each unit also has an associated assignment. You can start working on the assignment as you are going through each unit, the textbook readings, exercises and chapter-end questions, or you can wait until you are finished the readings and other activities.

Topics of Unit 5

  • Geological issues in waste disposal: domestic waste, hazardous waste, nuclear waste.
  • Anthropogenic climate change, causes, immediate and future consequences.
  • Implications for geological processes and hazards.

Learning Activities

  • Review Course Unit 5.
  • Read Chapters 14 and 15 and re-read parts of Chapter 3  in the Environmental Geology textbook and complete the embedded exercises.
  • Answer the chapter-end questions.

Learning Assessment

Complete Assignment 5 which you can access and submit through Moodle if you are a registered Open Learning student.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the principles and environmental implications of the disposal of solid wastes.
  • Describe the causes and implications of anthropogenic climate change.
  • Identify the changes that we can make to our lifestyles to reduce our personal climate-change impacts.
Please start this Unit by reading Chapter 14 in the textbook. The second part of this unit is based on Chapters 3 and 15. Complete and submit Assignment 5 (in the Assessments Overview tab in Moodle) when you are finished working through this unit.


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